Kiiroo Onyx

The first interactive masturbator for two-way pleasure online


Onyx is a unique male masturbator that contracts with no movement required by you. Onyx can be controlled remotely by a corresponding smart adult toy, or content. Connect via the Bluetooth enabled video chat or content so that Onyx moves in sync with their actions, to simulate penetration in real time.

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Discreet and refined.

Subtlety and sophistication are key in the design of this highly advanced adult toy. Store Onyx on your dresser, let it stand proudly your coffee table, or lay it neatly in a drawer. Our goal in crafting Onyx was to have it blend seamlessly into the array of technology that already exists in the household. The matte black exterior is accented by a glossy touch pad that extends the length of the façade. The device features a solid cap to cover the entrance, keeping it safe from prying hands and ensuring it’s practical to travel with.

Let intuition take the lead.

Using Onyx is simple. One multi-functional button controls power and modes. The touch pad allows you to manually control your pleasure. Hassle-free updates are pushed to your Onyx each time you plug it in via USB. A sleek LED light is your indication of Bluetooth activity as well as battery life, so that your only concern is your pleasure.

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